Cricket Sons, Massage Therapist

My name is Cricket. I've been a licenced massage therapist since 2004 and owner of Knotworks Massage LLC since 2012. I'm a great choice for the tired and weary body and heart, giving you comfort and that boost of endorphins we all need. However, my skill set extends all the way to injury recovery.

From that nagging knot inside your shoulder blade and elbows that lock up at night to surgical scar tissue and old wounds, or somewhere in between. An added bonus is that I automatically use hot stones in every massage (it saves my hands and is a fantastic perk). Other offshoot areas of specialty include sciatic pain, diabetes, Cerebral Palsy, and hormonal therapy related issues.

  • $59 Per Hour
  • $30 Per 1/2 Hour
  • $89 for 90 minutes